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Quel gain de temps !

Point final à une grande virée dans le Rajasthan en voiture… le temps est compté et plutôt que de refaire 800km en voiture, le voyagiste nous a suggéré ce vol..
Excellente suggestion
Aucune remarque particulière sur Spice Jet

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Economie JSA - DEL 02/2019

My first air travel Spicejet review

My view on jotting down a Spicejet Review. I saw a heavy rush during morning hours at Mumbai airport, which is a common knowledge and most people will try & reach early to avoid any unwanted issues. However, nothing can prepare you for long queues and that too, Mumbai crowd! However, I am amazed at the level-headedness and dexterity of the ground staff at airports. In this case, SpiceJet who manage such an unruly crowd so nonchalantly that gives the most seasoned customer care professionals goosebumps in their midsection. Within 10 mins I had my boarding pass and then ushered to the waiting coach whizzing past the security check. Kudos to Priyanka, the check-in counters executive and thank you to SpiceJet.

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Economie BOM - CCU + de 2 ans
Luna Sravan

Reviewing Spicejet flight

On-time of take-off, pleasant journey, smooth take-off, crew complete announcement by saying JAI HIND! This was such a great Spicejet air travel experience. Complies with high standards of safety and convenience, particularly added ease with spicemax. I advise this airliner to anyone wanting to feel the perfection of flying in the sky with a lot of goodness to experience.

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Economie JAI - DEL + de 2 ans
Adi Jain

Spicejet Feedback On My Maiden Flight

This is about the travel done on the 30th January with Spicejet. My opinion about SpiceJet as a budget airline was a low-cost carrier not have much to offer. This was a sort of thinking I had previously. However, upon flying SpiceJet Mumbai - Hyderabad flight on 30th January turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Right from receiving the boarding pass at the check-in to on-boarding the flight, my entire flight experience was amazing. Thanks to SpiceJet staff that instilled this good feeling and provided a great experience.

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Economie BOM - HYD + de 2 ans 1 réactions
Adi Jain

A bad flight

The flight was good but with 5 hours of delay. There was no magazine and the flight was boring. The meal was paid and was worthless. The landing and the take off was good. The on board temperature was well maintained. The captain gave only one announcement... mostly he was lazy. The check in and the boarding was very slow. The flight attendants were well behaved and were helpful

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Economie BLR - DEL + de 3 ans 2 réactions
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Sortie de piste d’un Q400 (photos)

Sortie de piste d’un Q400 (photos)

par Benjamin Antoine, le 9 mars 2015

Un appareil de la compagnie SpiceJet a fait une sortie de piste à l’aéroport d’Hubli, en Inde. 

Un Q400 de la compagnie SpiceJet assurant le vol SG1085, entre les aéroports de Bengaluru et celui de Hubli avec 74 passagers à son bord est sorti de piste au moment de son atterrissage. Les pilotes ont perdu le contrôle de l’appareil peu de temps après le posé, sous une forte pluie.

Il n’y aurait pas de blessé.



SpiceJet est une compagnie low-cost qui a commencé ses opérations le 18 mai 2005. Elle opère plus de 230 vols quotidiens vers 49 destinations avec une flotte de 38 appareils (Boeing 737 et Q400) et elle attend encore la livraison de 57 appareils. Cet accident est le premier du transporteur.

Image à la une : Bombardier