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Kulula condones theft in passenger luggage

I travelled with Flight MN106 from CPTN - JHB on 15 July 2016 @18h30. I realized I had lost my valuable item from my bag, after I had been assured by a ground staff member before boarding that no one would open my bag, I reported this as soon as i realized the loss after landing in JHB (incident ref number JNBMN10639).

After requesting footage, I was advised to get a police report, which I did and handed over to the Customer Service Agents...

Basically no one is willing to look into the matter and investigate who , where and how my bag was opened. They advised that they are looking into the issue and I was recommended to claim from my insurance....that was it.

Some advice, if one is willing to travel with this airline, be prepared to lose your goods. This is in the character of Kulula.com/Comair and the organisation is unwilling to investigate,reprimand and stop the unnaceptable behaviour of stealing. Choose your airline wisely. Their cheap flights are not so cheap after all, they will cost you more... I have just learned.

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Economie CPT - JNB 07/2016
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