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La "fantastique" low-cost.

Départ de MAN avec environ 20 minutes de retard en raison de trafic chargé à l'aéroport. L'embarquement s'est fait très rapidement. À bord, les...

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Economie MAN - GVA + de 3 ans 5 réactions 26 vues

High LowCost

Ayant l'habitude de voler avec Ryanair je n'ai été que satisfait des bonnes prestations de cette compagnie. L’accueil à bord est digne d'une grande...

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Economie LBA - PRG + de 3 ans 14 réactions 20 vues

Very poor customer service! First and last time with Jet2

Flight was delayed by 1 hour and 10 min before boarding I was called by the gate to be advised that my seats have changed although I was travelling with an infant and a 6yo. The lady from customer service promised she will change my seats as they were before, after boarding the plane, but she never got on the plane nor sorted anything for us. Very poor and dishonest customer service.
Cabin crew also not very helpful, never smiling nor being polite.
Will avoid Jet2 in the future. First and last time for us!

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Economie REU - STN 08/2018

good service from Jet2

Last week I wrote a scathing review about how Jet2 had placed my wife and myself in different rows and different sides of the aircraft for our forthcoming flight despite the fact that there were four seats together nearby. I wrote to the company and today received a response. In a phone call the agent explained that the seats are allocated from the back of the aircraft. However she agreed to refund the £21 I had paid to get seats together.
A result! The message though is do not let them away with charging for seats when you do not want to.

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Economie GLA - ACE 05/2018

extortion on a grand scale

Still to go on the flight but the checking in on line is a total scam.
They ask you if you want to pick your seat at a cost of £10.50 to £12 per seat or let them choose at no extra cost.
What happened? I let them choose. My wife was on an aisle seat, and I was allocated a window seat across the aisle two rows further forward.
The plan of the aircraft clearly showed four seats together and available. It cost us £21 to move to two of these seats.
I have written to the company to ask if this is company policy to separate families in order extract even more money from their customers.
I await a reply.

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Economie GLA - ACE 05/2018


I chose your site to write my review as there were similar ones to mine. I do not know how other sites give glowing reports about this airline. It was my first flight with them and my last. The security was almost non-existent which led to us being stuck on the runway with the engines running for over an hour whilst they counted the passengers. The information given to us was conflicting and by the time we took off I was really nervous. According to the pilot we had to do a detour because there was a storm over Germany (although I would not have thought that the route went over Germany) so presumably we went over France. We were told at the airport there was a delay because of a French Air Traffic Controllers strike. All in all I do not know why our flight was delayed by 2 and three-quarter hours (15 minutes less than the time they would have to pay compensation). I will never fly with them again and advise my family not to as I believe they are not safe.

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Economie MLA - MAN 05/2018 1 réactions

Unbelievably poor support and booking system meant flight prices went up 50% in the time it took them to answer one simple question!

While attempting to book a flight I had a basic question about luggage that I thought it would be best to clarify with them before clicking to...

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Economie RHO - STN 08/2017 1 réactions
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