Worst airline for women passengers

Avis de HateIndiGo sur le vol IndiGo entre Trivandrum et Delhi du 05/09/2018 en Economie
HateIndiGo 6E / IGO TRV / DEL

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This is the worst airline to fly if you are a lady traveling alone. I had read they beat up their passengers, but I still booked a flight with Indigo. As I was taking a 2.05 am flight from Trivandrum to Delhi and was traveling alone, I reached the airport, which has to be the worst in the world in terms of traveler amenities and facilities, at 8 pm and went to check-in around 8.15 pm. I was told to come back at 12.00 am; in Trivandrum, there are no cabs available after 8.30 or 9.00 pm on Ola or Uber. I was told to wait in this pre-check-in area without any restaurants or a coffee shop for the next 4 hours. When I asked to be checked in, they said they would do me a special favor and check me in, but I would have to wait until 12.30 am to go through the security check, which was the same thing as not checking in. Then came the really traumatic part. On weighing my baggage, they said I had exceeded the weight capacity of the hand baggage as they weighed my laptop bag too. When I pointed out that the laptop bag is never weighed and nor was I carrying a handbag as I was using my laptop bag for emergency essentials, they refused to consider my request. I had to empty my suitcase in front of other passengers and transfer the crisps/banana chips into a plastic cover that were in it to carry an empty suitcase as my hand baggage along with my laptop bag.
My takeaways from this experience:
1. Indigo is not a woman-friendly airline. They don't have any provision where women can physically check-in early at the airport for late-night flights when traveling alone. This is also based on my previous experience when I flew via Indigo on August 13, 2018 and they stuck me between 2 men and I was uncomfortable for the 3.25-hour flight from Delhi to Trivandrum
2. Despite seeing all the contents of my baggage and that my empty suitcase, with the stipulated hand-baggage dimensions, weighed approx. 5 kg, Indigo staff Viji and her manager, Augustine, ensured that I was embarrassed, humiliated, and subjected to unnecessary anguish and worry for baggage that was well within the stipulated cabin size.
3. The fact that laptop bags are not weighed, at least I have never seen them weighed, or that women's hand bags are not weighed either did not matter to the Indigo staff who I interacted with.
I never want to travel on Indigo again. I miss Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways, because both these airlines let human considerations weigh in when following the rules, which Indigo obviously doesn't because it would prefer to either physically or mentally abuse their passengers.

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