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Avis de Vedika sur le vol Jet Airways entre Delhi et Bagdogra du 01/01/2018 en Economie
Vedika 9W / JAI DEL / IXB

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I, a 16 year old student booked a ticket on Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Bagdogra .It was the 1st of January and therefore the smog in Delhi resulted in a lot of inconvenience . Not only my flight but my train from Kota to Delhi was also delayed. Nevertheless I managed to reach the airport on time . Our flight 9W 0711
was scheduled to depart at 10:30 am but was delayed by an hour. I reached the airport at 9'o clock sharp. I was standing in a pretty long queue to get my boarding pass since 9am. They called out many flights at the same time. The announcements were so inaudible and muffled that I couldn't catch a word of it. Finally after I managed to reach the boarding counter at 11am, they told me that the boarding for our flight was over.I was helpless and went to the Jet Airways supervisor . She was quite ignorant and was not interested in hearing my problem. After a lot of requests, knowing that it was their fault, she handed me a ticket for the 3rd of January.
I am a resident of Bagdogra and it is not possible for a 16 year old girl like me to stay in Delhi and therefore my problem was nowhere solved. Finally, since i had no other choice, i had to book another immediate flight to Bagdogra and I am thankful to VISTARA for providing me a relaxing and supportive experience from the horrible and hectic experience from Jet Airways.
The Jet Airways staff had no management whatsoever. I am really disgusted by their service and would NOT RECOMMEND JET AIRWAYS to any passenger/traveller.

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Par Vedika, à propos de Jet Airways, , près de India, via son mobile
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