The worst airline we have ever encountered!

Avis de Wing sur le vol Aegean Airlines entre Athenes et Milos du 31/08/2017 en Economie
Wing A3 / AEE ATH / MLO

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We had a connecting flight from Athens to Milos and halfway on the plane, we were told that the flight needed to return back to Athens because of the wind conditions that caused the plane not able to land. The staff told us the flight got cancelled and we were directed to the Aegean counter for accommodations and refund. However, when we were in the counter, the staff did NOT offer us ANY compensation NOR refund. He only gave us a contact card and had us to contact Aegean airline through email or phone. We were told to book our own ferry ticket to Milos and we ended up spent the whole day in the airport because of the flight got cancelled. We spent extra money for the ferry tickets and wasted our whole day of vacation and Aegean Airline didn't offer any compensation nor care plan, this is unacceptable. We have our rights under the EU laws European Union Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. Aegean Airline is breaking the law, which I already told the staffs in the counter at that moment in the airport but none of them care. Most importantly, Aegean airline is risking our lives. Your airline should be responsible for knowing the wind condition for that day and yet the pilot still choose to fly and ended up having to return. Secondly, we paid for our check-in luggages and since we didn't get to our destination Aegean airline should gave us a full refund for the luggage fees besides the compensation and refund for the airplane tickets. I emailed Aegean customer support since August and now it's already October, still, they keep playing hide and seek with us which is very frustrating! YET! Aegean Airline is acting as a scam! They even wrongly charged us the luggage fees in the airport and demanded us to pay in cash only! Isn't that sound suspicious? Guess what? When we checked the receipt afterwards, it didn't even show the correct amount as what we paid! When we tried to fight for our right we keep being directed to one place to another, and no one in this airline seems to be able to solve this simple problem.

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Par Wing, à propos de Aegean Airlines, , près de Chicago, Illinois, United States
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