Complaint of A KONSTANTELIOU Air Hostess on Aegean Airlines on 01st September 2018

Avis de rakesh sur le vol Aegean Airlines entre Athenes et Londres Heathrow du 01/09/2018 en Economie
rakesh A3 / AEE ATH / LHR

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Wrote the following Obervations to Agean Airlines Customer service department with valid Complaint Number four times during a period of two months. But not a single reply was received:-

On 01st September 2018 I travelled from Athens to Heathrow London on Flight Number A3608 Time 18.35, Seat Number 35F.
As I entered the aircraft and reached the end to take my seat which was right at the back. I saw A Konstanteliou the Air Hostess on the floor picking up the Bread Buns ( ten to fifteen in numbers) from the floor of the aircraft as they had fallen on the floor from her and putting them back with the other buns to be served to the people on the aircraft later with dinner. I told her that it was not very Hygienic to do so and people could fall sick because of what she was doing.
She became very aggressive and defensive at my comment and told me that I should mind my own business.
Seeing her react in such a rude way I just took my seat and narrated the incident to my sister who was with me sitting on the window seat.
After about five minutes A Konstanteliou came with a basket with sweets and the first person to be offered the sweets was sitting next to me. She did not offer the sweets to me or my sister and gave me a rude glance. And walked away offering sweets to everyone towards the front of the aircraft.
Once the plane had taken off my sister went to the back of the aircraft to ask for sweets from another hostess. A Konstanteliou was also standing there. Without any provocation she started saying rude thing to her as well. My sister was shocked with such behaviour from an Air Hostess. We travel ten to fifteen times a year to different destinations but have never come across such behaviour.
The food was served to us by a different Air Hostess. While we were eating there was a Insect hovering on our food, sitting on it and then on the window. I rang the bell. A Konstanteliou approached us with a grim face. Reluctantly we told her about the insect on the food. She said nothing could be done and she will report it at the end of the journey and walked away. ( picture and video of the insect are available if you need proof).
We could not eat any further because of the insect and more because of her behaviour.
I am sure no action will be taken against her otherwise how can somebody behave in such an autocratic way.
She must have become used to all this, knowing fully well that she is in a win win situation.
I am sure a standard mail will be sent to us and she will not be questioned about what happened and one day she will land the airlines in a big mess.
Anyway we thought it is our duty and right to bring what has happened to the notice of the airlines.

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