Worst airline ever

Avis de Kay89 sur le vol American Airlines entre New York Ny/Newark Inl et Charlotte du 27/05/2018 en Economie
Kay89 AA / AAL EWR / CLT

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American Airlines is LITERALLY THE WORST airline I've ever flown. My 5:00 a.m. flight to Charlotte was delayed a little over an hour, because the AC was broken, after we were told it would take 10-15 min to fix. We then missed our connecting flight from Charlotte to New Orleans and the next one was almost FOUR HOURS later. We had paid extra to have seats next to each other and in preferred seating and when we got off the plane and had to get new boarding passes we were basically told too bad nothing they can do about it. When we arrived to New Orleans EVERYTHING in my bag was damp and all my clothes had to be put in the dryer.... But i had NOTHING in my bag that could've leaked. On the way back, we had a layover in Chicago of an hour until our connecting flight to Newark. 40 minutes before our flight we found out we're delayed an hour. Im sure 500 other things will go wrong before we evenget back to Jersey. First and LAST time i ever fly American Airlines. Literally the worst flying experience of my life, and I once flew Spirit which is basically a clown car so that says a lot. Get it together AA, you suck.

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Par Kay89, à propos de American Airlines, , près de Watertown, Wisconsin, United States, via son mobile
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