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Avis de roja sur le vol Air India entre Delhi et Detroit Wayne Co du 09/01/2017 en Economie
roja AI / AIC DEL / DTW

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I was travelling after vocation from delhi to detroit (usa) from delhi i need to travel in air india till dubai from there i have a different connecting flight from delta airlines. As i hav only authority to carry one baggage i did carry two baggage with me for an entra baggage according to flight rules they charge approximately 75-100$ when i trying to pay extra baggage fee to air india people they deny taking that amount instead they asked me to pay 215$ i did pay to delta only 75$ while coming from usa to india how come these people charge me such a huge amount i told them i didnt carry enough money i just thought i need to pay this amount but they behave so rude to me its only 40 minutes left for my departure i still need to complete my immigration even though they didnt show pity on me they are such a disgusting person i never seen in other airlines all the manager and the persons working on help desk wer asking me to pay that amount and leave i was begging them almost for 4hours. Finally a person understood my situation and he did pay that amount for me and i returned him back later. I suggest not taking this air lines guys they just need money not a customer satisfaction and safety.

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Par roja, à propos de Air India, , près de Farmington, Michigan, United States, via son mobile
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