I will try to avoid Air India at any cost

Avis de Tulasi sur le vol Air India entre Bombay et Colombo du 14/12/2019 en Economie
Tulasi AI / AIC BOM / CMB

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I never been on the airline that so poorly adhered to the scheduled time departure. I only used Air India a few times, and every time flight departed at least 2-3 hours late. My last flight was 7 hours late. The reason is always the same due to the late arrival of the aircraft. After this happened to me a number of times, I am going to avoid using Air India. I was a bit naive as I read others reviews about the flight always being delayed and how disorganized this airline is, but I thought how bad can it be. Well, it is bad especially if you someone who used to deal with airlines who operate on time or at least within reasonal amount of delays. With Air India, delays are consistent. So, I am definitely avoiding Air India to safe myself from the frustration. Also, most airlines delays happen because of the weather conditions, but this airline always late despite the weather.

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Par Tulasi, à propos de Air India, , via son mobile
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