Avis de Raaaaa sur le vol Royal Air Maroc entre Sao Paulo Guarulhos et Tel Aviv du 28/02/2017 en Economie
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I flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, Israel via Casablanca, Morocco and it was the most terrible flight ever!

When I arrived at Casablanca to catch my connecting flight the Royal Air Maroc staff were so slow in processing the passengers that we missed our connecting flights even though we kept telling the staff that time is limited. No one listened nor cared and it was a battle to get them to provide a hotel for us. Finally we were given a hotel room but we had to purchase a new flight even though it was their fault we had missed it!

The next day and $320USD later I finally arrived at my destination and Royal Air Maroc had lost my luggage! I contacted them numerous times and all said they could do nothing to help me! In my bag was important life-saving medication and since I did not have access to it I was hospitalised and had to pay over $1000USD for the ambulance, hospital and emergency medication replacements.

Days later my bag was finally found but it was utterly destroyed! The straps were broken, it was ripped and had a large hole in it! The bag was in tatters and no longer usable! There went another $400USD.

It has now been seven months of constant calls, emails and facebook messages to which NONE never get a reply to. I have been waiting seven months for compensation for the missed flight, the medical expenses and the damaged bag, yet I have not even received an apology!

A truly deplorable airline, a disgrace to Morocco and utter thieves.

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Par Raaaaa, à propos de Royal Air Maroc, , près de Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
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