Rip off merchants that will ignore your complaint for months and then not address the issues in your complaint

Avis de Flash sur le vol Finnair entre Helsinki et Stockholm Arlanda du 13/08/2018 en Economie
Flash AY / FIN HEL / ARN

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Booking reference and/or flight number K69D48 and issue occurred on: 13/08/2018

I checked my case in at Helsinki airport and was informed that my bag was overweight. I was suprised because I had a set of scales with me and had checked before heading to the airport, but I assumed their own scales would be more accurate than mine so I didn't argue about it.
I was told that my case weighed 26.5kg which made it 3.5kg overweight. I knew I didnt have room in my carry on bag and so I paid the 55euros they asked me for.
I boarded my flight and when I arrived in Stockholm I was catching a connecting flight and immediately travelling on to Manchester but travelling with SAS rather than FinnAir.
When I checked in my case the SAS scales weighed my case at 22kg. 4.5kg lighter than FinnAirs scales had weighed the EXACT SAME CASE.
Note: Nothing had been removed from my case, I simply collected it from the carousel and immediately went to check in for my next flight.
I had been expecting to have to pay charges with SAS when I arrived and so I was very suprised that there was such a huge difference in weight.
I kept my receipt from FinnAir for the 55euros I was charged, and I have also kept the baggage tag that SAS put on my case showing the weight as 22kg.

On the 22nd August I emailed Finnair with the above information and also attached all of the evidence to support my complaint. It took them literally months to reply and I had to chase them several times.

Eventually on 16th October I received a reply. Here is a copy and paste of it

"Thank you for your feedback.
Baggage allowance depends on the travel class and type of ticket.
We have harmonised our baggage regulations with the other Oneworld companies. Finnair complies with the instructions of IATA, which determine which airline’s baggage regulations and overweight charge table will be complied with. If the booking includes flights operated by other airlines than Finnair, the baggage allowance may be different than that indicated on Finnair’s website.
The baggage allowance for Economy tickets is 1 x 23 kg per passenger. The overweight baggage charge has been charged correctly according to Finnair's baggage instructions, meaning that the overweight charge you paid will not be refunded.
We look forward to having the opportunity to provide a more pleasurable travel experience in the future.
With regards
Finnair Customer Relations

So in other words they completely ignored the fact that both the scales at the SAS check in desk, and my own scales had my bag at 22kg, but their scales weighed it 26.5kg which was the entire reason for my complaint and the reason I had been charged in the first place.

I replied to them two more times requesting them to answer that discrepency and two more times they failed to do so.

I had also done this exact same journey at the same time last year and been charged by Finnair and not by SAS and also had a difference in weight of my bag on each set of scales so I suspect it is company policy at Finnair to have "heavy" scales so that they can extort money out of their unsuspecting "valued customers".

What an utter disgrace of a company.

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