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Avis de Rodos sur le vol Alitalia entre Londres Heathrow et Santiago du 01/11/2017 en Economie
Rodos AZ / AZA LHR / SCL

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We have not yet even flown with Alitalia but experience so far has been very poor indeed. We had been warned about the airline but we had no choice in the matter. The forthcoming long flight due in January persuaded us to book comfort seats so we had extra leg room. Not cheap at £75 each on each flight. When I rang I was told I couldn't book these seats because I am over 65 (my wife is younger). When challenged they told me it was because the seats were by the emergency exits. After much discussion they said they would book them but could not guarantee that I would be able to board the plane. She said this is explained on their website. I checked and this is not so, it just says that passengers must be fit and able which I am.
Emailed to complain about this but no reply. Tried again but no reply. Eventually I contacted the Customer Services Manager (not possible to email CEO unfortunately). She replied that their staff are really experienced and knew that age itself was not a barrier and I could book. She said she would remind their telephone staff. When I rang to try and book again I was once more was asked if I was over 65. When I said yes she went away to check if I could use these seats and eventually said she would book them. I was told I would get an email by reply - I didn't so phoned again and was told they would email me - they didn't.
Emailed Customer Services Manager again to tell her of my recent experience. She emailed me back to say that their telephone staff would not have raised the issue of age and in fact it was me that raised it and because this had never been asked about before. This was absolutely not true. I went back to the CSM to tell her that she was being mislead and felt aggrieved that I was being blamed for the confusion. I said I felt that an apology would be in order. I have had no reply.
Customer service seems non-existent, no wonder Alitalia is in trouble.

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Par Rodos, à propos de Alitalia, , près de Alfreton, England, United Kingdom
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