The worst service I ever had

Avis de Evgevaie sur le vol Belavia entre Amsterdam et Minsk du 13/07/2016 en Economie
Evgevaie B2 / BRU AMS / MSQ
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So badly organized flight…

This is not even ‘back to USSR’, because there was service in USSR and at the high level; very rude and unfriendly stewards.

No one was giving us information on flights and replied rudely. No smile on faces, of course. For the polite questions of passengers and requests on any update, we got replies like 'Haven't you just heard what the captain said or what?!'

Stewardess who shouted on us 'We provide only your safety, nothing else!' should be immediately fired and get a job as hostesses in some cheap restaurants.

The flight was delayed for one hour, and we got no information. Neither apologies. Then, all of a sudden, we landed at…Vilnius. With a short note - , 10 min before landing, - that the cause was a thunderstorm in Minsk. So, we stuck in Vilnius and were getting no information at all what is going on, not a single update.

Furthermore, the cabin crew lied that our stop would take 'just 15 min'. It took us ...45 min, actually. Again, no one apologized for that.

Moreover, for such a pricey flight there were no meal, just shitty (bet, instant) coffee and tea, and a little chocolate. For 4 (!!) hours of flight (including delay and extra stop) we got almost nothing to eat. In the very end, at the airport of Minsk, the flight crew was using the same line to the passport-control as passengers! Just interfering without waiting, and ignoring passengers who were 1) waiting in a line 2) being late for the flights because of the delay.

Some passengers in a line started to complain on that, and one guy shouted on them smth like 'Shame on you! It's a shame for your company!'. However, the crew just…started shouting back. Awful. Would never recommend Belavia to anyone till (serious) improve.

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Par Evgevaie, à propos de Belavia, , près de Sosnovyy Bor, Leningrad, Russia
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