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Avis de Sra sur le vol Flybe entre Amsterdam et Dublin du 01/03/2018 en Economie
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

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I was verbally abused by a Flybe ticket agent in Amsterdam. I was flying KLM to Dublin from Salt Lake City and I had a layover in Amsterdam. My flight to Dublin was cancelled and a KLM ticket agent rebooked me to a flight the following day with Flybe. The flight would have a layover in Southampton. Before arriving at the airport the nexr morning, I had read online that my flight to Dublin was cancelled. After sitting in line for an hour waiting to check in for my flight to Southampton, I was yelled at for not understanding what she was saying (she had a very thick accent and made no attempt to clarify). She demanded to see my itinerary and rudely asked, twice, if I "knew how to read". She then printed boarding passes for both flights, even though the flight to Dublin had been cancelled. When I inquired why she was giving me a boarding pass for a flight that was never going to take off, she rudely gestured behind me for the next person in line. I told her that she had not helped me and she snapped at me that there was a "very long queue", and she was unable to do anything for me. I told her I would be writing a review online exposing her behavior, to which she responded "everyone says that". Haha.
Later at the gate for the flight to Southampton, myself and many other passengers waited for over an hour with no employees and no plane in sight. It got to be boarding time, then past boarding time, then almost an hour past boarding time before two employees arrived. When inquiring about the status of my flight to Dublin (since their website is ineffective and does not allow for rebooking) I was given no information. When I asked about my baggage, I was scolded for not saving the receipt from the airport in Salt Lake City. This was after I had been delayed for days in Amsterdam. As I was standing in front of this employee, she got on the mic and informed everyone that the flight to Southampton had been cancelled. Other passengers were visibly upset. The employee ordered us back downstairs to rebook our flights, refusing to help us and refusing to simply do the rebooking themselves.
I ended up going back to the KLM help desk and requesting a flight to Belfast, which they were able to do. I will never, ever associate with Flybe again. It is absolutely atrocious that their website requires reviewers to have completed a flight with them. Every person whose flight has been cancelled at the last second is unable to write a "certified review" on their website, thus misinforming the general public about the true nature of this disgusting, cruel, unsafe, hateful, miserable excuse for an airline. I would call it the Frontier Airlines of Europe, but that would be an insult to Frontier, which I naively believed was the worst airline in the world.

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Par Sra, à propos de Flybe, , près de Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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