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Avis de Mama Caoimhe sur le vol Flybe BE6252 entre Dublin et Londres Southend du 07/06/2018 en Economie
Mama Caoimhe BE / BEE DUB / SEN

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My family and I switched to Flybe in a bid to avoid Ryanair and it's the best decision we ever made. We used to fly to London Stansted but we switch over to London Southend which is even a much nicer airport. We just couldn't put up with the hassle of an airline plus the stress of travelling with a baby but with Flybe, it's the easiest and most enjoyable trip you'll ever have.

We've flown Flybe several times and their services is ACE, for real. From the booking to the actual flying and the staff, everything is excellent. We love them so much so that they're our first choice now when it comes to flying, unless they don't go to our destination. We even stopped buying Packaged Holiday Deals because Travel Agents don't seem to want to offer Flybe unless you ask then they bump the price but when you go online, you save hundreds of euros by booking it yourself. You get the best deal by booking direct with Flybe and we add our hotel then through Amoma, then we always (every time) have the best deal.

Flybe can't be rivalled in their topnotch services and their staff are the friendliest. We get excited flying them as they're so relaxed with their bagging and other things, obviously don't carry the entire kitchen sink lol. Honestly, fly with Flybe and you'll thank me. Those who have bad things to say are whingers and I've seen some customers complaining about silly things like not having a TV on board. Erm hello? It's a budget short-haul airline...go hire a jet! Anyway, for travellers like me who love REAL value for money and overall excellence, then Flybe is the way to go. Highly recommended!

Flybe is the king of budget travel, their services are second to none and they're very cheap too. Keep up the good work, you have lifetime customers in us!

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Par Mama Caoimhe, à propos de Flybe, , près de Maynooth, Leinster, Ireland, via son mobile
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