Money-grabbing baggage "policy"

Avis de Maz_95 sur le vol Flybe entre Southampton et Duesseldorf du 09/06/2019 en Economie
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I've travelled several times with Flybe before and used the SAME small hand luggage suitcase each time and I never had a problem going through all the checking and it ALSO fit in the overhead cabin inside the plane. 0 problems.

All of a sudden, they decide to enforce this "strict" baggage checking policy and charged me £40 (55 €) to check in my bag just because it didn't fit in their ridiculous metal baggage checker by around 1cm.
I told them I had no money so the girl that was working on the check-in desk at 17:00 on July 9th told me that I could buy some bags from WHSmith and put my things in them which would mean that I would have to leave my suitcase there which they would "dispose of". So to confirm this, my friend who was with me, asked the other woman who was checking everyone's baggage about this at the line and she said only 2 bags are allowed, so my backpack and then 1 shopping bag I could take. What nonsense? One is telling me to fill up all my things in a few bags (which she denied later even though my friend heard it too) and another is telling us that I can only take 1 other plastic bag with me! How in the world can I fit all my things in 1 plastic bag? And when I told her this, she said we would have to discard some items too then! Other option was to buy a £15 bag from the machine and also discard my suitcase. What kind of logic is this? I was at risk of missing my flight so I decided to pay with my German card and surprise surprise, they don't accept maestro. So I had to quickly go to the exchange store which obviously would cost me more and I asked how much it would be for £40 and the rude man wouldn't even answer the question just told that it would say on the ATM. What kind of people work there?

Also, the same woman working at check-in desk 15 also didn't know what an EEA family member residence card looks like. Does Southampton airport train their employees at all?

Such money-grabbing tactics for around 1cm of extra luggage space DESPITE the fact that I have taken this same bag several times before on Flybe AND it fits in the overhead cabin storage. Apparently, it makes more logical sense to Flybe to take in several shopping bags instead of one cabin bag that is 1cm bigger. Otherwise, they are literally prepared to leave their customers stranded at the airport. Imagine I didn't have my EC card with me, I would be stuck there and miss my flight. Or have to dump half my suitcase's contents at the airport for Flybe employees to pick at and put the rest in 1 plastic bag and leave my 50€ suitcase to be discarded.

It's disgusting.

The funny part is that the flight had so many empty seats on it which means plenty of empty overhead cabin storage too.
Make sure you find a cabin bag that can hardly fit much in it if you want to fly with Flybe. But seriously though, don't fly with them.

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