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Avis de carlov sur le vol Blue Panorama Airlines entre Milan Orio Serio et Pantelleria du 24/07/2017 en Economie
carlov BV / BPA BGY / PNL

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Booked flight in March 2017. We were already on a two-day trip from London given no connection same day to reach Pantelleria so not really in a great mood.
Anyhow, check-in time. The check-in lady told us that due to a new airline (please note: airline) rule introduced on the 17th May 2017 all passenger information has to match exactly the travel documents.
Rule that turned out to be a problem for my wife: her second name was not in the booking information. For the simple reasons that:
1) There was not such rule at the time of booking. (And no such rule on many other airlines by the way)
2) The booking form on the airline's website does not have a field for second names.
Result: 50€ to pay on the spot. With no choice really: lose the flight or pay up.
Called the airline the same day and pointed out all the issues. According to Blue Panorama the new policy is a tremendous improvement, allowing the valued customer to take the flight with a little bit of extortion. I learned that the booking form still has no field for the second name but the customer is expected to input any additional names in the name field after the first one, without spaces. This is priceless. Not surprisingly, I also learnt that the only way to request a reimbursement is to send an insured letter. I'm Italian so I know how this works: you spend the 6 Euros for the letter then wait for the usual many years for a "no", then get the lawyers involved. I'm having much more return on investment making sure there is no review site on the planet that does not have my report about this bunch of muppets.

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Par carlov, à propos de Blue Panorama Airlines, , près de London, England, United Kingdom
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