A nightmare come true! Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

Avis de Anon123 sur le vol Air China entre Beijing Capital et Madrid du 24/03/2018 en Economie
Anon123 CA / CCA PEK / MAD

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NEVER EVER AGAIN! Long story short. My flight from HMC Vietnam to Spain was one of the most ardous experiences I have yet encountered in my over 4 NON-STOP travelling years (I travel for work). Booking a vegetarian meal was mission impossible... on the first leg of the trip i went on without food. Second leg they did the "courtesy" of having "one meal left over".... i informed them i asked specifically.... nothing was acknowledged....
I landed in Beijing, got treated like a criminal over a lighter in my handbag (smokers happen to sometimes forget the "extra lighter" sorry!!). Then I got told they couldn't match my picture on the passport with my face..... (i have never EVER heard this one before... borderline racist as I am not chinese). My jacket "vanished" in the process of "checking" for this scary lighter.... then... my check in baggage got stopped (so far it's only been 2 days but they seem to have no intention of letting my suitcase go from China) I am in Spain with no clothing.... my work equipment is there along with presents, clothes, lecturing materials, etc. and I am soon to fly onto my new job wihout anything.... then they asked me for permission to open my suitcase, apparently another "scary lighter" (they should have done that whilst I was there in front of me... not now... when they can steal just about anything) no warranties have been provided that they will not break my NEW suitcase.
Customer service shines for its absense... telephones ring till they cut off.... forget it... this is the international Ryan air experience. Pay the extra 100 usd for a better company, it really is worth it.

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Par Anon123, à propos de Air China, , près de Balaguer, Catalonia, Spain
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