Don’t fly Condor if you want reliable flights and schedule

Avis de Traveler1 sur le vol Condor (Thomas Cook) entre Francfort et Pittsburgh du 28/05/2018 en Economie
Traveler1 DE / CFG FRA / PIT

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It’s one thing to have less space and bare services for a good price but another when you cannot rely on the scheduled flights at all! Only fly Condor if you have full flexibility and do not mind delays without end. Return Flight was canceled. I acknowledge that sometimes happens. However, it was the approach of Condor that was terrible and caused dissatisfaction. The directions for the passengers were very limited and unclear. We queued for an hour to hear information that could have been announced to everyone and avoided a long wait. There were no signs or information for where to go and queue to get additional help for a canceled flight. The staff was very rude and did not make any effort to answer questions or assist us. Condor did provide a nice hotel for the overnight stay. When I asked The hotel staff they informed me that the day before they had 400 Condor passengers and previous day 300 Condor passengers stay with them due to flights cancelled for technical reasons. I also heard horror stories from passengers who have been trying to get an alternate Condor flight for a canceled flight that was TWO DAYS ago. Seems you cannot rely on Condor flights at all.

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