Worst airline and worst Customer service ever

Avis de condorsucks sur le vol Condor (Thomas Cook) entre Minneapolis et Francfort du 25/05/2018 en Economie
condorsucks DE / CFG MSP / FRA

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Flew to Frankfort for Cancer to treatment. They lost luggage which had my cancer medication and clothes for the stay. They promised it would be delivered in 24 hours. Each day I called and each day they lied and said it would be there. Seven days later it arrived and of course medication was ruined and treatment was delayed because I needed those meds and their lying saying it would be there daily so I waited. I have recorded the conversations I had with their people and can forward them on to anyone requiring proof, however anyone would be apauled at the lies rudeness and and viciousness of these people. My stay over there cost me huge stress and thousands in losses for delayed treatments replacement items etc. Upon my return I emailed per their instructions try and resolve this and as of today(three weeks later) I have yet to hear a single word from them. I am fling a lawsuit t recover damages etc. Their incompetence and arrogance severely hampered my treatment because of continual lies and arrogance. These customer service people are without a doubt animals who don't give a crap about anything. Never fly this shit hole airline). Anyone wanting proof please contact me

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