Condor at Frankfurt - Highway to hell

Avis de Andrey V. sur le vol Condor (Thomas Cook) entre Francfort et Cancun du 07/06/2018 en Economie
Andrey V. DE / CFG FRA / CUN

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100% I wish to NOBODY!!!

Have you ever been **cked up because of airline company mistake???
So you will support me in here:

7th July 2018 10:30 AM I arrived by connection flight from ALANYA (provided by Onur Airlines) to Frankfurt Germany where I supposed to change my plane and happily continue to Cancun by Condor Airlines with boarding start at 12:30 - that's how it supposed to be...

How happened? I've spent 3 nights without my luggage in Frankfurt airport denied for boarding to my flight by Condor Airlines with no intention from company to find a solution or even to apologise. On the boarding they asked me to show them a "VISA" for Mexico which as Russian citizen I don't have to have - it's VISA on arrival. Assure you I know the procedure - it is not my first flight to Mexico. When I checked everything and mentioned for them their mistake registration crew started trying to ignore me, shout at me, cursing me in italian (which I don't know). Completely unrespectful for customer and even human.
They called me: "psycho" and run from me trying to reach a manager or supervisor of Condor. It supposed to be hilarious if not fact that I could'nt pay for new ticket and I haven't got my luggage so it was horrifying to stay in cold Frankfurt Airport for 3 nights trying warm myself on waiting rooms chairs and wash myself in WC. But I can lie and write whatever - right? So PLEASE WATCH YOUR EYES that 3 days summary video of my struggles and tries to find justice at ignorant Frankfurt airport

(Everything you will see on this video 100% real including conversations recorded)

This is link to youtube video with all horror they place me in for 4 days and 3 nights: CLICK IT

Or direct link:

PLEASE watch and write your opinion in comments below the video

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