Avis de Ady75 sur le vol Norwegian Air Shuttle entre Los Angeles et Paris Charles De Gaulle du 06/08/2018 en Economie
Ady75 DY / NAX LAX / CDG

It's been 26 days now that Norwegian company still does not know the future of my luggage. In fact, despite many exchanges by mail and telephone with this company, since 10 days they didn’t respond anymore. I also did research by myself and I asked my entourage on the spot to go to inquire. My luggage was located, I warned them of the place where it was stored and still no luggage delivered: they are not even able to just move or send someone to pick up my luggage, knowing that gave all the information to do this. The luggage is not lost. Today it will soon be 1 month and I'm tired of it so I decided to complain and openly show my displeasure. If you have to travel with this company pay attention to the tracking of your luggage: we pay a luggage service and we treat you over the leg when there is a problem. We do not search for your luggage, and we do not send it back to you is this normal? I manifested myself, I sent e-mails as I had been asked, gave all the information many times and we do not keep you informed, is this normal?
Maybe with this message of despair they will deign to manifest themselves! Needless to say, I do not congratulate them.

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