Nice plane, bad food, poor service

Avis de Demflyer sur le vol Emirates entre Singapour et Melbourne du 02/08/2016 en Business
Demflyer EK / UAE SIN / MEL
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We travelled as a couple in business class on the A380. The ambience of the cabin was nice. The layout was ok but I felt the Cathay layout was nicer. The seat seemed narrow and uncomfortable to lie in especially considering that I am a petite person. But having flown Cathay Pacific business class before, I felt that Emirates fell short on all counts.

Firstly the food, not particularly tasty, and not as nice a selection or presentation as Cathay. The biggest downfall however was the service. The hostesses seemed grumpy and not particularly attentive. Service was haphazard, they didn't offer tea or coffee for the entire flight, never replenished my empty water bottle or offered water, missed serving the chocolates that were on the menu and my partner had to remind them of his desert order that they forgot. They was they served me was abrupt and I never saw my hostess smile.

In Cathay they were continually visible, asking if you needed anything, replenishing your water even when you were asleep and were much friendlier. When we came close to landing the hostess abruptly told me that she needed my mattress and blanket so I got off my seat, but she waited for me to pack them up for her.

She also made me get my husband out of his seat to place my handbag in the overhead locker as I am only 5ft and couldn't reach the overhead locker, while the hostess just stood and watched with no help.

Although there is potential there, I feel Emirates has a long was to go to match those top of their class like Cathay and Singapore airlines. Overall a really disappointing experience and will probably not fly with them again.

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Par Demflyer, à propos de Emirates, , près de Truganina, Victoria, Australia, via son mobile
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