Flight delayed 4 hours because they decided to wait for other delayed connecting flights

Avis de Glean sur le vol Etihad Airways entre Abu Dhabi et Manille du 23/12/2017 en Economie
Glean EY / ETD AUH / MNL

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On December 23rd we took the flight EY424 Abu Dhabi - Manila.
Schedulled at 3 am, it departed 7am instead.

The boarding started late (scheduled 2am, started 2:20) because the plane hadn’t arrived on time. It was chaos. No organised lines, no boarding groups, nothing. Just hundreds of people pushing to get into the plane.

We finished boarding at 3:05.
And at that point, Etihad crew decided to keep the airplane open to wait for passengers arriving from other Etihad Connecting flights that were delayed.
That lasted until 4am. One full hour during which passengers boarded at different times and paces. No announcements or explanations.

At that point, the captain announced they were sorry, but we would be even more delayed because the luggage of all this passengers we waited 1 hour for, could not be loaded to the aircraft because strong fog had fallen on the airport.

We asked a flight attendant what was going on and she told me: “what does it matter if we’re delayed for other passengers or the weather, you will not arrive on time anyway”. What?!?

That took 1 more hour.

It was 5 am when the captain announced the “all on board”.
They finally closed the plane... but we didn’t depart.

Of course no explanations were given. So we asked. They said now fog had fallen at the airport and visibility was bad so we had to wait even more. They said no planes were able to depart.
That lasted 2 more hours. Because (as it was explained to us after) we also had missed our slot to depart and had to wait for a new one.

Now we are doing our due research and we confirmed the cabin crew lied to our faces, as we suspected. Because multiple flights departed between 3 and 6 am on December 23rd. The airport WASNT closed...
Example flights:
British Airways 72 departed 23 December 3:05 AM
Etihad Airways 65 departed 23 December 3:50 AM
Turkish Airlines 869 departed 23 December 4:13 AM
Etihad Airways 286 departed 23 December 4:36 AM

And there are MANY more.

How is this Etihad policy?! Waiting 2 hours for other delayed connecting flights and therefore delaying our flight on purpose. Keeping us 4 hours without wifi inside the plane, in communicated, no drinks, no food... before an 8 hours flight!

Due to this, we missed another flight.
On arrival to Manila, no one was there to help us. No wifi. Nothing
They ruined our honeymoon.
Never fly Etihad if you don't want to be subject to this kind of treatment and policies.

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