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Avis de CyrusChatz sur le vol Ryanair entre Athenes et Santorini du 22/07/2018 en Economie
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To begin, the prices that they show during the Flight Search page on their website are misleading since they do not even include having a cabin bag. I had no other choice than booking with Ryanair since flying with the flag courier would cost about ten times the ticket of Ryanair.

I went to the airport only to find out that my flight is going to depart from the new Satelite Terminal, which is a twenty-minute walk from the check-in hall. The check-in staff were helpful and checked my baggage immediately.

When I reached the boarding gate, I was informed that the flight is going to have a two and a half hours delay, since the aircraft which was going to make the flight had not even departed from the previous flight in France. When I asked to leave the gate to buy a bottle of water (you could only leave by passing through the gate agents desk), they rudely told me that if I leave the boarding gate I will not be allowed to pass through the gate again and that I will forfeit my ticket. Not wanting to lose my ticket, I stayed at the gate during the whole delay, during which they did not provide us with a simple bottle of water. At last, they announced that the aircraft arrived and that we can now enter it. What they did not say, was that there wouldn't be any bus or bridge to take us to the aircraft. Instead, we had to walk for about ten - to fifteen minutes to reach the aircraft stairs by foot.

Even worse, when we started to board the plane the cabin crew instead of letting us seat so that they flight can depart were checking one by one all of the boarding passes to avoid people who have not paid for cabin bags placing their bags at the storage space above their seat. Of course, after that everyone, including me, went mad and just went to our seats, bypassing the flight attendant who in the end withdrew from the procedure.

Their onboard shop is the most expensive I've ever met, where they are charging 3.5€ for a single bottle of water. The only good thing is that the pilot sped up the plane, so we reached Santorini in 35 minutes instead of 50.

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