very bad airline on practically everything!

Avis de MCSK sur le vol Garuda Indonesia entre Jakarta Soekarno et Amsterdam du 24/09/2017 en Business

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I was on Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam in September 2017.

I was very disappointed and appalled for the following reasons:
1. Before take-off, a passenger had his seat reclined with the seat fully extended forward. The flight attendant ignored this situation. Only at the very last few minutes before take-off did the flight attendant ask this passenger to adjust his seat back to upright position. He only very slightly adjusted (still pretty much reclined) and the flight attendant ignored this.
2. Seat space and adjustment were not as comfy as in Cathay or SQ. The seat could only extend a certain distance forward or back before the seat back had to move to adjust. So there was less independence between the seat and back seat position.
3. The food was sub-standard.
4. My fave champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose that used to be served on Garuda Business Class was now downgraded to a fairly cheaper ordinary brand.
5. The entertainment was pathetic. Only one or two hollywood/blockbuster movies. The rest was Indonesian or other non-popular asian movies.
6. The service!!! omg simply pathetic. I pressed the call button. No one came. So I turned off the notification light. I pressed the call button again. Still no one came! unbelievable! I did it the third time, still nothing. I finally had to flag down a flight attendant who walked pass by, ignoring my lit flight attendant call button.
7. The worst however, was the bathroom. Very extremely dirty and smelly. The trash bin was overflowing. The floor was wet. And toilet paper had run out. And no, I was not in the economy class bathroom! I checked!

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