Company of thieves

Avis de Alexey sur le vol Gulf Air entre Bahrain et Dubai du 13/12/2017 en Economie
Alexey GF / GFA BAH / DXB

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Gulf Air is the worst company ever!
After Gulf air have announced that they will stop flying to and from Qatar I start trying to get a refund for my ticket . I had been trying for 5 mounts , but finally I failed, they obviously didn’t want to pay and played for time. Eventually I gave up , however i was assured that the ticket had been corrected and all the remaining flights on the route is now confirmed.
When on the appointed day I made check in online and arrived to the counters ,I was told that this is a system error, my ticket does not exist, we can’t let you on a plain and denied boarding.
I visited their main office in Bahrain in Seef mall and at the airport, called the support service, everywhere they rudely talked with me and wanted to make me guilty, although I kept all the correspondence with my communication about refund which I started 5 months ago!!! Nobody wanted to help: it's not my duty, it's not my department - are the standard replies. I sent all the documents to the support team, they do not respond me anymore.
I had to buy another ticket and fly away. Gulf Air is a company of thieves which don’t comply with any international treaty.
Alexey Nazarov
Ticket Reservation number CLVGOT

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Par Alexey, à propos de Gulf Air, , près de Moscow, Moscow, Russia, via sa tablette
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