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Avis de Willow sur le vol Gulf Air entre Dubai et Bombay du 01/01/2018 en Economie
Willow GF / GFA DXB / BOM

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We (me, my husband and our 11 month old baby) were flying Gulf Air from Dubai via Bahrain on the 1st of Jan 2018. Our flight from Dubai to Bahrain was canceled and we got to know about it only when we reached the airport at 7pm (2 . 20 hours before our flight departure time). No information regarding the same was provided to us, although all our contact details were provided to the airline. On reaching the airport, there was no information as to what was happening about another flight. The representatives got some information after a while and they mentioned that the passengers were being flown off Emirates airlines. All passengers rushed to T3 terminal. When we got there, No one at the check in counters at Emirates had any information sheet which we got back to terminal T1. This was repeated with us 3 times. At last we were flown on Emirates to Bahrain at 2:30am telling us that we would be given hotel accommodation and another flight the next day.

On reaching Bahrain, the representatives again had no information about accommodations or another flight. The airport was terrible and it looked like a place of refugees. After 2 hours of torture, we were sent to a gate where we got our passes to board the flight next morning, which was again delayed by 2.5 hours.

We spent the entire night at the airport. No food or accommodation was provided to us. There was no consideration of a small baby traveling with us, from one terminal to the other several times, no food war offered, no accommodation, no apologies, nothing from any of the staff.

It was :-
1.very badly managed
2. Extremely poor communication between the staff of Gulf air ( or probably they may didn't want to give any provisions)

I would never ever recommend anyone traveling on this airline.extremely extremely poor

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Par Willow, à propos de Gulf Air, , près de Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, via son mobile
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