Pegasus Airlines has appalling customer service and I would not recommend them.

Avis de ACTM sur le vol Pegasus Airlines entre Bodrum et Londres Stansted du 25/09/2017 en Economie

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After booking a flight for 2 passengers I realised that I had input a surname incorrectly. After searching the Pegasus website trying to find how to raise this to them I completed an online form within 24 hours of booking advising them of my mistake and asked for their assistance, I received an automated reply from Guest Relations providing me with a reference number and advising that they would respond as soon as possible. To try and rectify the issue quickly I also tried to find a telephone number for Guest Relations at Pegasus airlines, which was not easy to find on their website! I spoke to several departments who advised they were unable to provide a telephone number for Guest Relations. When I finally got through to Guest Relations I was advised that they had all gone home for the day and to try again tomorrow!
I rang the Guest Relations team the following morning and after a 20 minute phone call I was told the only option was to cancel the whole booking (2 tickets) and I would only receive a refund of £85.40 when the flight cost me £338.00 as it was more that 24 hours after the booking. I advised them that I had raised this to them within 24 hours on their online form and had tried to contact them only to be told they had gone home for the day. The Guest Relations team were very unhelpful and said there was nothing they could do. Surely they can complete a name change, I could understand if they charged an admin fee for doing this, but not to do anything at all is appalling.
I have had to book another ticket for the passenger whose surname I input incorrectly at £117.00.
Pegasus Airlines has appalling customer service and I would not recommend them.

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Par ACTM, à propos de Pegasus Airlines, , près de Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
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