Stole my suit case and items inside it !!

Avis de Kat21 sur le vol Pegasus Airlines entre Ercan et Londres Stansted du 01/02/2020 en Economie
Kat21 H9 / PGT ECN / STN

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On Saturday 1st February 2020 my flight was from Ercan to London I had 3 suitcase. In turkey we don’t collect our suitcases as THERE JOB IS TO TRANSFER OUR SUITCASES for us.. when I landed in London 2 of my suitcases arrived one was missing. After contacting PEGASHIT several times they didn’t give a shit and was extremely rude !! I then had to contact stansted airport several times who was as bad as them in helping us ! After all on Monday I received an email to say my suitcase has been found and it would be delivered on a Tuesday (didn’t happen till Wednesday). My suitcase was broken and damaged and can’t use it again but the worse part was my suitcase has been opened and my personal items have been stolen !! This poor PEGASHIT company stole my stuff maybe to give to their families as presents who knows ( why would anyone steal anyone’s items (even my underwear was taken) don’t fly with PEGASHIT and all them items you stole I hope who ever took it rots in hell with their family my important belongings have been taken and I hope they find bad on their family and remember me !!! Katriye xx

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Par Kat21, à propos de Pegasus Airlines, , via son mobile
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