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Avis de Sam S. sur le vol KLM Royal Dutch Airlines entre Amsterdam et Salt Lake City du 19/06/2018 en Economie

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Horrible service. I booked a flight from a different airline into Amsterdam which was delayed, so I missed my KLM flight. I assumed they would move me to a later flight and I would be on my way, but was told they wouldn't put me on another plane, refused to give me any kind of refund, and informed me it would cost roughly $4,000 to get my wife and I home. I explained that I didn't have enough money and would be stranded, but they repeated over and over they had no contractual obligation to do anything. I understood that they were within their rights to pin me to the wall, but asked the supervisor for some kind of mercy. I was in a serious bind and needed help. She responded that KLM is a business and not a charity and that she would not budge. I called the customer service center, but it was closed. I sent delta an email asking for help, and recieved an automated email promising to respond in 30 days. I am still stuck in Amsterdam looking for another flight I can afford. I will never touch Delta or KLM again. If absolutely anything goes wrong, they will not hesitate to hang you out to dry. They are perfectly willing to leave you in a foreign country with no options, no flexibility, and a staggering price tag. I am utterly stunned to be treated in such a callous and unfeeling way.

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