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Avis de toby sur le vol LOT Polish Airlines entre Varsovie et Londres Heathrow du 22/01/2016 en Economie
toby LO / LOT WAW / LHR
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Although the flight out to Poland on my own was good, the flight back was a complete nightmare, which was not helped at all by the staff on this flight. The company changed loads of things including the advertised plane we were flying on and their complaints people take up to 4 weeks to respond (if at all). Poland really needs to move into this century when it comes to customer service. I feel there complaints section is just an attempt to fulfil business legislation, judging by all the other reviews on other sites.

1: I had no email confirmation at all and we had no emails to check in/allocation of seats.

2: Changed our paid seating numbers without any prior notification, leaving my wife one end of the plane and me the other. A kind lady went to the front though.

3: Plane was not a Boeing 737 as listed on the ticket but actually an Embraer 190 which as you may know has 4 seats per row rather than 6. We had purposefully booked seats right at the back, which would have been next two two toilets (not 1) and a large area behind that on the boeing for settling our young baby.

4: On boarding the plane we were the only ones with a baby and were told to wait until everyone (approx. 30 people). Our baby was screaming and the attendant was just ignoring my wifes polite requests (she is Polish).

5: During the fasten seatbelt sign (turbulence) she let about 10 people go up and use the toilet without making them sit down ! This is very dangerous, I have never seen this on any other airline in 30 years of travelling !

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