An embarrassment to Malaysia! AA Should be the Flag Carrier..

Avis de Adam G sur le vol Malaysia Airlines entre Kuala Lumpur et Bali du 04/01/2018 en Economie

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Worst airline ever... We found ourselves stranded in KL due to a catalog of errors and failings by the airline and misinformation given by their staff. Rather than trying to make amends and assistance we they offered no assistance at all and were bordering on abusive. Seven months on I am yet to receive a suitable response to my complaint or any sensible resolution.

Full copy of our complaint below alone with their pitiful responses... :-(

My partner and I were traveling on Friday 5th Jan to Bali (Flight MH0853). I started my trip in Phonm Penh to connect in KL and my partner started his trip in KL (Flight MH0755), all our flights were with MAS and my 2 flights were on one ticket. I traveled the first leg of my flight without any problems and once I landed in KL I made my way to the lounge to meet up with my partner who arrived in good time. At approximately 14:35 I asked a member of the lounge staff what was happening with our flight as there was no comment (open/boarding/final call etc) next to our flight and I was concerned as to whether or not we should make our way to the gate. I was advised that the gate was not open yet and that we could wait in the lounge and 'finish our coffee' which we did. By 14:50 there was still no comment next to our flight so we decided to play it safe and head to the gate anyway. We arrived at our gate G6 just before 15:00, our flight was showing on the screen above G6 but there was a red cord across the entrance. The security at the gate next door, G4, was open and passengers were going through so my partner asked one of the security offices if we should use this entrance to access gate G6 to which he was told no and that we needed to wait so we took a seat opposite the gate so we could keep an eye on the departure information screen. After about 20 minutes waiting our flight disappeared off the screen.

I returned to the lounge find out what had happened and was redirected to the transfer desk who informed us that our flight had departed without us. I asked how this was possible as we had gone to the gate when we were told to and no one had been accessing the gate G6 and there had been no announcements (all of this was collaborated by 2 other passengers we met at the transfer desk who had the same issue). The first man we spoke to at the transfer desk was courteous and tried to be helpful but said there was nothing he could do to assist in this situation and said he would contact a duty manager. While waiting for the duty manager (who took over an hour to arrive) we spoke to another man (I didn't get his name but it was something like Efique) at the transfer desk who the other couple who had the same issue with the same flight were speaking to. This man was incredibly obnoxious and rude bordering on abusive, he made out that we were lying and that we we should have known to board through G4 as G4 is the same as G6.... Its not! four is four and six is six and besides we had asked and had been told not to! When the duty manager eventually arrived he was no more help than the previous people we had spoken to. He said that there nothing that he could do to assist us although he did concede there had been a glitch with the departure information screen he refused to acknowledge our other complaints and kept repeating the phrases 'so you say' and 'that's your side of the story' which was absolutely infuriating. Just to be clear I have listed the FACTS below.

We were at the airport in good time to take our flight.

There was a glitch with the flight display screens which you have admitted.

We were given misinformation in the lounge and told not to go to the gate as our flight
wasn't ready to board.

The flight used the security at gate G4 not G6 although it was asigned G6 on the screens and on our boarding passes. At no time was it ever G4.

We were told by security not to board through gate G4, I can only presume that because of the time we arrived at the gate they assumed we were waiting for a later flight.

As you can see there were a catalog of errors by MAS or people working for MAS which put us in an impossible position and lead to us missing our flight. I am a oneworld Gold member and my partner Silver, I tell you this just to illustrate that we fly A LOT and know how to catch a flight. While my complaint is about the circumstances that lead to us missing our flight and being stranded I am most angry about the way your employees dealt with the situation. No one was prepared to take ownership of the situation, even the duty manager kept referring to other duty managers in other departments but wasn't prepared to speak to them, and one of them was damn right rude and abusive.

Best regards,

And the best response they could come up with.. no mention of refund or covering the last minute air Asia flights we had to book ourselves to get us to Bali..

Thank you for allowing us some time to investigate on the issue raised and we are pleased to share with you our findings as below:-

We noted that Mr Gould checked in at our check in counter at 1408LT, about one hour prior to flight MH853 departure and Mr Yong has checked in earlier than that. At that point of time, the correct departure gate for this flight was G06.

Even though the flight concerned was delayed to 1530LT, we regret both of you did not to show up at boarding gate for boarding of this flight. However considering the checked in time, we believe there was an ample time to arrive at the gate and pass through the Security Screening.

BOARDING GATE G06 / MH853 / 05JAN2018
After further investigation with our gate handling staff, kindly be informed there was only one gate open at that point of time which was G04. Based on our findings, there was nil other flight travelling at the same time. Please allow us to clarify that all passengers of this flight should go through boarding gate G06. But in this case, MAHB (Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad) failed to open the G06 gate due to scanning machine at G06 was unserviceable. So MAHB opened boarding gate G04 for security screening of passengers boarding MH853 since G04 and G06 share the same checkpoint.

During the machine breakdown at G06, our gate handling staff had multiple attempts to contact MAHB regarding the issue and since it remains unresolved, our staff had made twice calls for any missing passengers, plus the required Boarding Calls and Final Calls to make sure that all passengers present at boarding gate prior to departure. 98 out of 116 passengers safely boarded the flight to Denpasar.

After further interview made with the CSO and duty manager who assisted you on that day, we noted the CSO has assisted both of you to boarding gate G06 and explained regarding how gate G06 and G04 merged with one another, which allow passenger from G06 to enter through G04. With regards to your communication with our duty manager, we sincerely apologise if his answers to your concern was less than satisfactory. We would like to assure you that we has forwarded your feedback to their departmental head for their internal review and improvement of our services.

As a consequence to this case, we also have since highlighted the issue raised with MAHB to make sure all equipment are serviceable prior to flight departure in order to ensure smooth boarding process for all passengers.

While we regret for the inconvenience you have experienced, we truly hope this helps put the situation in a better perspective. We do strive hard to maintain high service levels for the comfort of our passengers and it is through this invaluable feedback that we are able to monitor and improve our products and services.

We look forward to many more opportunities to serve you better in the future.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Best regards,


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