Shaken and distressed

Avis de Scaredtofly sur le vol China Eastern Airlines entre Beijing Capital et Paris Charles De Gaulle du 15/12/2017 en Economie
Scaredtofly MU / CES PEK / CDG
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

I was booked to take a flight from Sydney to Beijing and Beijing to Paris. My flight to Beijing arrived a few minutes later than expected and therefore I didn’t make it to the check in desk for my flight to Paris. I was running the whole way, and my suitcase was one of the first to arrive. I told customs I had a connection and everyone tried to move me quickly. Eventually I was taken to the offices in the airport where I waited 30minutes for someone for China Eastern to help me. This man told me it was my fault I missed the flight. He said I took the wrong bus from the plane, but when I told him I took the international bus he said that was right. He then told me I walked to slowly, but I was running the whole time. He then told me I should have told the hostesses on my first flight so they could let me off earlier, but we all had to wait for the bus so this wouldn’t have helped me. He didn’t give me a new flight, he said that I would have to come back in the morning and pay to change. He sent me to a hotel, but he didn’t tell me its name or where it was and then he left. The man for the hotel tried to take my suitcase but he didn’t speak English and couldn’t tell me what was happening. In the hotel the staff couldn’t speak English either. I hadn’t eaten since 17/18 and this was 2 in the morning. Nobody could talk to me, or tell me what was happening and I spent 40€ trying to tell my husband I was alive.
The way I was treated was absolutely disgusting. This man spoke to me like I was a stupid woman. I was left with chinese men in an old bus, to a very old dirty hotel where nobody spoke English. I was very scared, and I didn’t rest at all. I have taken planes my whole life and I fly several times per year both for work and leisure. I didn’t deserve to be treated like this and I’m still very shaken up and upset.

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Par Scaredtofly, à propos de China Eastern Airlines, , près de Paris, Île-de-France, France, via son mobile
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