Spirit Airlines really came through for my family...........

Avis de lizd812 sur le vol Spirit Airlines entre Atlanta et Cancun du 31/07/2017 en Economie
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So my family and I were booked and ready to go to Cancun in November. It was our first family international vacation ever. I booked Spirit Airlines and was stoked that we were going to Cancun! Not even a couple weeks later the US State Dept put out an advisory to not travel to Cancun or the area where we were staying at. It was dangerous. So naturally I was really concerned because I am bringing my 67 year old mother. The whole family was put off and so I called Spirit. At first, they would only issue me a 65% credit,. I explained to them I didn't want my money back I just wanted the full credit of what I paid to go somewhere else safe with their airline. I was just depressed because we felt trapped and it was our savings for the year. I wrote management and while I didn't hear back from them I went on today and saw that full credit was there. I can't thank them enough. We are booking in St Thomas this week and about to book our flights. I am so excited that we are spending Thanksgiving as a family in a safe and happy place! Spirit didn't have to give me my full credit back, but they really came through for my family. I live in Hendersonville, NC. I would rather drive 2 hours to Atlanta, GA to get a flight with them then drive the same mileage to Charlotte, NC to get on some airline that doesn't care a bit about me. I truly believe Spirit cared about our well being and understood our dilemma. They got permanent customers out of us! Thank you Spirit!

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Par lizd812, à propos de Spirit Airlines, , près de Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States
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