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Avis de S derada sur le vol Spirit Airlines entre San Jose et New Orleans du 27/02/2018 en Economie
S derada NK / NKS SJO / MSY

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Spirit has an algorithm to increase profit by sacrificing its "guests" time. I flew from NO to FLL with a connection to SJO Costa Rica. The pilot dawdled leaving late arriving late and wasting time taxiing to deplane, we arrived close to the departure time. 10 of us ran to make it in time only to be denied entry. A friend from another flight was on the plane and said her seat had been sold even as she was present. Volunteers were summoned and the other 10 seats had already been sold (of the passengers watching 15 minutes as the plane was to depart). The 10 were rescheduled for next day after being treated disrespectfully because of Spirits own logistics (business model of extortion!

We lost a whole day of vacation plus hotels we never made and adventure expenses we failed to show up for.

On the return from SJO (2 am) to FLL (gate A) to depart at 7:10 am (gate E). Keep in mind the Spirit logistics allowed only 70 minutes to go thru customs, pick up and recheck luggage and run (literally) a mile to the connection- to find the same situation with 8 passengers in the same dilemma. We were rescheduled for another flight 14 hours later and totally losing a second day. We were told by Spirit authorities is was customs and that we chose the flight, when actually I trusted them to make my experience much less stressful.

Honestly, if this happens once on an 11 day trip it is coincidence but twice, losing three days is a business model that deliberately double books seats to the highest bidder and is a sinful way to treat their "guests"!

The FAA needs to stop airlines from using a business model that extorts passengers as "pawns" to increase profits. They owe us 2 days of vacation and a day's wage for failing to get us home at 8 am (we'll arrive at midnight now) and spent all day without a shower in a loud, dirty, and brightly lit airport with no sleep! Who knows where our luggage is? The next logistics nightmare?

The flight attendants were rude (a guy screaming in a loud voice, "sit down everyone" gave the wrong date for customs papers, when asked to use a pen was told in a snarky voice "I want it back"

The counter puppets are powerless pawns too, the business model uses them as sounding boards for disgruntled customers. They actually have some "sneaky" statements they tell us right out of the policy manual!!

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Par S derada, à propos de Spirit Airlines, , près de Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, via son mobile
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Say NO to Spirit a répondu Traduire

How come the gov regulators don't shut down this airline? How can they be allowed to continue? I flew them one time and that was too many times. Will never, ever, fly Spirit again. They are a fraud. It is Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (bate and switch, and extort). RICO is illegal in all jurisdictions. It is organized crime.

Stop flying Spirit! Put them out of business!

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