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Avis de LeadBalloon sur le vol Enter Air entre Londres Gatwick et Corfu du 21/05/2018 en Economie
LeadBalloon OF / ENT LGW / CFU

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Excellent for budget airline, but obviously not when compared with full price. i was dreading this flight, having read innumerable excoriations on www. However, flight pushed back at 09.20, only 10 minutes late (thanks to some idiots only responding at last minute to go back to gate when called).
Seats as expected for such a flight -hard, no recline - had first row extra leg room so cannot answer for that. Crew friendly and efficient, even more so on return. I'd seen critisn that they sat a read books most of the time. Sitting in the front row, I could see that two of the cabin crew did indeed sit huddled together apparently reading but were going through stock check lists.
We landed ahead of schedule and our first bag arrived within five minutes of our reaching the carosel. I had been dreading both LGW and CFU but both were much better than I had ever seen before. Avoiding the first, early morning flights helped, but LGW has really improved its security arrangements.

legroom for row 1 was unrestricted, though overhead lockers on both sides for rows 1 and 2 were filled with toilet rolls etc.
No 'entertrainment' as would be expected for such a charter/budget flight
Did not buy any food but rolls, toasted sandwiches/pannini were available for about £4.00
Take-off and landing would best be described as 'sprightly and enthusiastic.
Temperature, Ok in short sleeves.
Messages from flight crew were standard items, some were a little difficult to decipher owing to failry heavy Polish accent.
Boarding at LGW was by row. Boarding at CFU was free for all since we were bussed out to the aircraft and left to the whiles of the great British holiday maker to decide wheather to board at the front or rear (some indication of most suitable door might have helped).

All in all, I would not despair at being given an Enter flight, but would weigh up times and destinations.

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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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5 / 5
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5 / 5
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5 / 5
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Par LeadBalloon, à propos de Enter Air, , près de Greenwich, England, United Kingdom
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