Four hour delay, one glass of H2O, no compensation

Avis de gc2018 sur le vol Croatia Airlines entre Londres Gatwick et Split du 10/08/2018 en Economie
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Croatia Airlines has joined Ryanair in my list of airlines to avoid.
I flew from London to Split on 10 August 2018. The flight was more than four hours delayed - with no explanation delivered at any point - and the compensation claim process has so far yielded nothing but a case number and automated responses (It is 23.10.2018, claims take 30 work days to process ..apparently).
Croatia Airlines’ automated customer care number simply hangs up at some point - no matter how you click your way trough it (if anyone has a magic number up their sleeve, I’d be glad to have it!).
Even though compensation is clearly due under EU law, the airline has made absolutely no effort to comply. I’m averaging three e-mails per week - all left unanswered.

In short: a one hour delay with no information was followed by another hour delay at the gate (with no explanation) and another two hours in the plane - again, with no explanation.

The most substantial snippet of information we got from the pilot: “We might be here for three minutes - we might be here for another 90 minutes “.
Even though the staff were friendly, at no point were we offered drinks or food. We had to make our way to the back of the plane as ask for something.
Honestly, this was not how I imagined the last trip of my pregnancy (I was six months pregnant at the time). They definitely knew I was pregnant, because I was shifted from the exit door for this reason. It did not, however, prompt the possibility of having anything more than that precious glass of H2O.

I am not blaming the staff, I am blaming the airline. More so, from observing the complete neglect of their legal liabilities under EU law to compensate passengers for a plus four hour delay!
It also seems rather dubious that there is not ONE customer care number that links you to a human being that might take even the shortest glance at your claim!

I highly doubt that flagging this with the CAA will do anything to solve my claim... or that this review will help my claim move along.

Just be wary when booking and aware that there is virtually no real customer service to be expected.

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