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Avis de Paul devonrow sur le vol Philippine Airlines entre Bali et Londres Heathrow du 03/06/2017 en Business
Paul devonrow PR / PAL DPS / LHR
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

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Disgraceful service would never use again and I hope others read this.
We missed our flight and tried to contact this company through there office in Bali which is where we were, and to make things worse the only office was in our hotel Kuta Paradiso which I hasten to add was never open. Eventually after hours of attempting to call this airway we finally got a responce.
The price initially for the return business class flights was £3000 that we paid, we somehow missed the return flight and after contacting PA at a cost of atleast £100 extra as it's a premium number they use, they said we will charge you a cancellation fee and the ask you to pay the difference for a return flight which they stated would be after deduction $7000 which we said was obscene, we then asked what it would be to fly economy and that was $6000 again obscene.
The customer care is zero and I warn people to steer clear . There office is not open in Bali and they have no other office in Bali, they charge £3 a minute and put you on hold for nearly 30 minutes.
This airline is a disgrace and should be held accountable for the deplorable customer card.
We have now booked return business flights by reputable airlines Cathay Percific and British Airways at a cost of €1347 each
Philippine Airways you should be ashamed of yourself, as a company your business ethics are what you would find in the bottom of a well used toilet .

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Par Paul devonrow, à propos de Philippine Airlines, , près de Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia, via son mobile
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