An awry experience

Avis de d3m0wha sur le vol Ukraine International Airlines entre Londres Gatwick et Beijing Capital du 24/05/2017 en Economie
d3m0wha PS / AUI LGW / PEK

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A strange experience.

I left 2 stars only cause they got me to my destination.

Unable to make payment online, I was asked several times to pay over the phone and the price would be slightly more (20 euros). Once the phone conversation came to an end, they would send me a link to pay online! That happened twice despite me insisting and telling them of online payment issues.

The next issue arose when I was on my first connecting flight to my destination; they got the air conditioning high up to the point where people started putting their jackets on. Upon me conferring this to the stewardess, she said 'sorry' and that she had passed on the message already. When I asked about a cover, her reply was 'only business class customers are allowed to have a cover'. I will act, and next time it happens, go to the business class and take it.

Further issues, the lady at the boarding gate checking my visa, not good. Especially since I had already gone through 2 airports and check ins. The loud feedback sound from the speakers when the captain was giving announcements, not good.

Lastly, if you talk to your customer in an international flight, in Ukrainian and they make a face that is asking you 'what!?' please pay attention and ask in another language, like English. If you do not wish to pay attention to the customers expression, then please ask before you lean over to them. I have a another return flight in 6 weeks and I will, just as you decided to, sink my nails in 'your' arm, if 'you' lean over.

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Par d3m0wha, à propos de Ukraine International Airlines, , près de Los Angeles, California, United States
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Babs973 a répondu Traduire

Flying from NYC to Ukraine...air craft stinks and also no entertainment system at all what an old school aircraft...I had to argue with this rude ass passenger excuse my language...I do regret flying with this can I be on a 8 hours flight with no entertainment...never again!!! All I'm thinking of is my return in a week..

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