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Avis de stanor sur le vol Ukraine International Airlines entre Odessa et Budapest du 29/06/2018 en Economie
stanor PS / AUI ODS / BUD

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On June 23rd we flew from Budapest to Odessa, having to change in Kiev, where our flight was delayed. The big shock was arriving at Budapest airport and finding we had to pay for our single checked bag each, and then - never heard of this anywhere before - despite having our fully paid return ticket, had to pay for our boarding passes! Cost of both was over $100 each.
On our return flight to Budapest on June 29th, we again had to pay over $100 each for our single checked bag each and our boarding passes. The flight arrived on time at 9 a.m., apparently a miracle, and we then had a wait of 5 hours for our 2.10 p.m. flight to Budapest. When we went to the gate we found it had been delayed for four hours - no explanation. Arriving back at 5.30 p.m. we watched our plane debark passengers and crew, luggage and garbage. Then the food (only if you paid for it - we were given one CUP of water on each flight!), luggage and crew. After another long wait when nothing was announced, everything came back off the plane. We finally took off at after 8.30 p.m. Apparently, there was a problem with the plane and they had to find another one before they could load the flight and take off. I'm glad they didn't fly with a defective plane, but at no time were any announcements made, no apologies, and no effort to make the delay or our flight pleasant. Added to that, I had requested a wheelchair at the time of booking, (since I have a heart condition), which never materialized. Instead a staff member grabbed me and dragged me backwards and forwards along the boarding area looking for transportation to the plane which never materialized. My friend and I were the last to board the plane, by which time I was in a state of collapse. My advice - never travel Ukrainian Airlines, even if you have to take a longer route to get where you are going.

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