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Avis de Antonio perelman sur le vol Ukraine International Airlines entre New York Jfk et Kiev Borispol du 21/08/2018 en Economie
Antonio perelman PS / AUI JFK / KBP

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Ukrainian airlines review

First of all they gave one seat to 3 different guys ! I guess thats ok , it could happen in any airlines but 3 individuals assighned the same spot , come on! Really old airplane, flight attendands not smiling i guess it is also ok, but they ‘ve looked super annoyed!back to ussr! Food sucks ! They asking about fish or pasta, then tell you only pasta left! The Pasta at list is not rotten but the “fresh” salad has rotten veggies! No milk for the coffee! Got me one half and half, asked for one more but no luck of getting it! Even push the button for the attendant ! No response whatsoever ! Yes , it was cheap, so as the other companies flying that route , turkish for example !but next time i ‘ll pay $100 more and fly with nicer crew ,food and behabs airplane not from the beginning of the 90s do not recommend this airlines at all! Disguasting food ! Crappy plane and service!
The last but not list ! They ‘ve changed my flight time so instead of 2 hours in airport i’ll have to stay there for 10 hours ! One more thing ! Uia have new rules now for passengers registration! You have to register on line for free or pay around $30 fee at the airport! This is ridiculous ! Never never use this airlines!

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