lost luggage every time!!!

Avis de AleksaPokolenie sur le vol Ukraine International Airlines entre Kiev Borispol et Mexico City du 19/09/2018 en Economie
AleksaPokolenie PS / AUI KBP / MEX

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My name is Aleksandra.
I bought a ticket from UIA (Mexico City-Toronto-Kiev on July 9, 2018) and back (Kiev-Toronto-Mexico City on September 19, 2018) I had 2 suitcases. UIA would deliver my baggage in Kiev, but it didn´t arrived. I filled in the documents about the loss of baggage and they found them 3 days after. When I flew back, everything was much more complicated... From the beginning, when I tried to get online registration, problems started because the system constantly gave out an error. My boyfriend also flew with me on the same flight back, but since he bought his ticket later, our seats were not together . So we wanted to change our seats online. He was able to do it but I did not, it showed that my documents didn´t even existed in the system ... We called the hotline and went to the central office in Kiev, but no one could help us solve this problem ...
Everyone said that everything would be decided at the airport. On the day of departure during registration, UIA was a madhouse ... Since I could not register online, I had to pay 15 euros for registration at the airport. The counter employee didn´t know if my baggage would be sent directly to my next flight or i if I had to pick it up and check in again. In resume, we couldnt sit together and i was worried my baggage would be lost again. My suitcases did not arrive in Toronto, and after a week nobody could figure out where they were at all. They were not even in the system, just like me and my documents .Every day we did something and called to the airport in Mexico City, contacted the Canadian and Ukrainian airlines to make some progress, but it seems that no one was looking for anything ...
All these days there was no information. I was stressed because in the suitcases there were very expensive and important medicines for me. Additionally there were very expensive things and cosmetics.
In general, the impression of UIA airlines is terrible. Both flights back and forth were delayed by an hour and a half, while all the passengers were already in the plane, and the flight lasts for almost 11 hours. The plane is very old, dirty and uncomfortable ... very small seats, little space for hand luggage. Terrible food. The airline staff at the airport treat people very rudely and impolitely. On express checking at the airport there is no one who can help register online. It's a complete mess in the whole system. Stress from the beginning to the end of the flight. And plus the loss of baggage every time!We received the baggage 6 days after.They were opened and made a complete mess out of each one...

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My bags arrived opened and it was a mess inside...
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