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Avis de SamB sur le vol Royal Jordanian entre New York Jfk et Amman du 29/06/2018 en Economie

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Recently my wife and kids traveled to Jordan on RJ (Royal Jordanian) in June 2018. I had purchased their tickets back in March 2018 from my travel. I made sure that my travel agent reserved their seats at the time I purchased the tickets. They were assigned 3 adjacent seats in row 10. Our nightmare started when we arrived at JFK around 6 pm to check in for the flight that was scheduled to depart at 9:40 pm. After wasting 20 minutes to find RJ’s checking counter as it was not marked and all monitors were off, the service rep proceeded to check my family in (3 passengers). I told here I wanted to make sure they kept their reserved seats and she confirmed they would. However as she gave us the boarding passes, I checked them to find out that instead of giving them their reserved seats in row 9 they were given seats towards the rear of the plane in row 34, I protested and asked about my family’s reserved seats in row 9 and gave the service rep paper printout of our reservations showing their seat numbers. I was told they had overbooked the flight and our reserved seats had already been given to other passengers. The service rep told me it was beyond her control and she blamed it on the bad system that RJ uses for managing their flights. I asked to speak to an RJ supervisor but was told no one was available at the time. We had no other recourse just before the flight and the flight ended up leaving 55 minutes late.

RJ does not seem to understand the true meaning of good customer service. RJ’s checking procedures at JFK are horrible. RJ does not honor or stick to seats reserved to customers and they feel they have the right and power to change customers reserved seats without their knowledge. The food served on the plane was of very low quality. Based on this recent bad experience with RJ I definitely would not recommend flying RJ.

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Par SamB, à propos de Royal Jordanian, , près de New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, via sa tablette
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