Used bus instead of plane, no food, no rerouting, no support

Avis de raileanu sur le vol Tarom entre Bucarest et Belgrade du 03/01/2020 en Economie
raileanu RO / ROT OTP / BEG

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This is the worst airline I've ever used!!! I was flying from Bucharest to NYC via Belgrade. My first flight landed in Timisoara (TMR), a small city in Romania instead of Belgrade, around 10:30am. They said it was too foggy but all other flights that day managed to land on BEG so their reason is dubious. The aircraft was an ATR 42-500 which is really small, unstable, and old. Then, we ended up spending ~10hr in Belgrade, without any food, or information from Tarom representatives. I know they are obligated to give you food and water if the delay is longer than 2-3 hours. There were no representatives of any company to talk to in the TMR airport because we were at the gates and it is a very small airport. After realizing that I missed my connection from BEG to JFK, I called Tarom but they said that it is not their fault and they cannot do anything, they won't rerout me, and that I need to go to Belgrade and talk to AirSerbia (the company from which I bought my tickets). At ~4:30pm, after 6 hours of waiting, they decided that there will send a bus to take us from TMR to BEG ( 3hr of driving, while the OTP - BEG flight was ~1hr) and the plane will return to OTP and we have to make a decision of what to do. I would like to mention that the road death rate in Romania is of ~100 deaths / 1M people and that of flying is ~0 so it is absolutely unacceptable to ask us to take a bus to BEG, put our lives in such danger since we did not book a bus we booked a plane ticket!! I am also pretty sure this is illegal. They did not want to send another aircraft although they had the resources to do so. They promised the bus will leave around ~5pm but then said it won't leave until 6-7pm. It ended up leaving after 8pm. Realizing we would be arriving extremely rate to Belgrade and there won't be much support for us there (there were barely any flights to NYC in the next few days and all of them were extremely expensive. I would have preferred to do this before making my decision but they made us decide on the spot with no information of where and how we can get rerouted if we choose either option. AirSerbia told me that they cannot book on the phone and they cannot book a ticket if I go back to Bucharest with the flight which is insane given that the plane was the only way of transportation I had paid for. Anyway, around 7pm, I decided to not take the bus to Belgrade because I did not want to risk my life and get my own flight back and fight them via complaints and in court. I am pretty sure that not providing food, sending us with a bus instead of the plane, making us make such a decision, putting our lives in danger in this way, not rerouting me over the phone or from Bucharest is illegal!!

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