Worst customer service ever

Avis de Christine K. sur le vol XL Airways France SE 51 entre New York Jfk et Paris Charles De Gaulle du 05/06/2015 en Economie
Christine K. SE / XLF JFK / CDG
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This is one of those you get what you pay for flights. My company booked this - apparently because it was the most affordable flight - without knowing what horrible customer service it had.

The experience wouldn't have been that bad had the airline not lost my bags (my luggage alone was $1000+ not to mention the contents). On top of losing my luggage, the airline representatives were of no help in getting back to me on the whereabouts of it.

They merely give you the run around (probably because they don't get paid well and are lazy but that's just my opinion) so basically if you lose your bags you'll waste your time trying to find it because they don't give a damn about locating it. After dealing with over 7-8 representatives from the airline already, it's clear no one who works there makes any effort as I still don't have my bags or heard back from anyone about this matter. Beware ! Check your bags in at your own discretion.

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Par Christine K., à propos de XL Airways France, , via son mobile
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XL Airways France

XL Airways France a répondu

le 10 juin 2015

Dear customer, your comments have been taken into account. And we regret the disappointment that you might have felt on one of our flights. The specific claims are processed by the customer relationship service entirely dedicated to provide the best possible response to any individual problem. To be sure that our team can best deal with your request, please fill out the contact form: http://www.xl.com/en/contact.cfm . Have a nice day.

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Y. Linders a répondu Traduire

Dear xl airways,
The comment of Christine K. is so very true. Our two daughters had a flight 5 days ago from Paris CDG to PTG Guadeloupe. Their luggage (2 suitcases) did not arrive. XL Airways doesn't care at all we experienced. Ground personnel is very very rude and truly lazy. The girls had to leave on a cruise without the things they really needed. No clothes, no bathing suit, snorkeling equipment and much more. Therefore, their prebooked excursions could not be enjoyed fully. Until now we do not even know what happened with the luggage. No service, no help.
And yes, the only possibility to contact you is to fill out a form whereafter an automatic reply informs that it takes about 8 weeks before answering. The info telephone number on your site is not working. Contact possibilities with this company are worse.
Flying with XL Airways can be better avoided. And the bad thing is that my husband and I plus two friends booked the same flight leaving in December 2018 and is not refundable. Because of the bad bad bad recent experiences with XL Airways we lost confidence in getting what we paid for and that is why we urgently request you to allow us to cancel our flights with XL Airways en pay our money back.
We can be reached at familielinders@ gmail.com

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