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Avis de DVass sur le vol Brussels Airlines entre Bruxelles et Manchester du 28/08/2016 en Economie
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

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On the 28th of August I have flown with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Manchester, UK.
The flight it self was good. Friendly crew and clean cabin. The coffee they serve is decent as well. Unfortunately this is where the good things end in my case.

When we landed in Manchester and when I went to pick up my hold luggage I have noticed that my suitcase had some scratches on but from previous trips with other airlines I've had the same experience so I didn't think much of it. Upon entering my house I started unpacking and noticed that inside my hold luggage one of my perfumes was literally smashed. The perfume itself was in a ziplock bag and hidden between clothes in order to give it an extra layer of protection against mishandling.

Sadly even beneath some clothes the perfume did not survive. The next morning I contacted Brussels Airlines and received their automated reply, saying they will try to answer my query as soon as possible. A week passes by and I still did not get a reply.

I had to contact them via Twitter just so someone can answer my email. In about two days after they responded on Twitter saying someone will look at my email I finally got a response. Their email was simply put the most unprofessional and not caring about customers ever.

I asked them if we can agree on something about the damaged goods, all they did was to tell me that they are not responsible for my damaged goods. Who then is responsible I ask?

Immediately I replied to their email asking them to transfer my enquiry to a manager level customer support where someone can actually try and sort this out for me. Needless to say that was not the case. It's been more than a month now and I still have not received any emails from them.

My advice to the people considering flying with Brussels Airlines:
If you are travelling only with hand luggage, and it's a short flight the company is alright. If however you have hold luggage make sure you have a bullet proof suitcase. Moreover I hope that you never have to deal with their customer service, they are unprofessional and do not care about their customers.
Personally I would never fly with them again.

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Top of the perfume is smashed, making the liquid spill from the bottle.
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