Thai Airways - Racist Airport Service Manager - Mr Pongpanata Phongsathienkul

Avis de Dev sur le vol Thai Airways Intl entre Bombay et Bangkok du 27/12/2019 en Business

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My mother, wife and daughter were flying to Bangkok on 26 Dec 2019 on Thai airways TG 318 ( 3 Generations).

On reaching the boarding gate, they were informed all 3 have been downgraded to economy, as they had overbooked, after trying to talk to the person at the gate, Mr Pongpanata Phongsathienkul showed up closer to the departure time of the flight, a rude arrogant disgusting person, who has no respect for women or age, He had the audacity after being rude to offer Rs10,000 ( US dollars 138) as an inconvenience fee to shift to the economy section from the business class seats we paid for.
As my wife didi not agree , he passed the comments “ you Indians...... and threatened to remove all our checked in baggage.
Long story short as my family had to reach Bangkok for a social engagement, my daughter shifted to economy , we were not offered the usd 138 .
It is a shame Thailand as a country and Thai airways are known for their hospitality / respect and service was not represented by Mr. Phongsathienkul.

Thai Airways should be ashamed to have such a manager in Mumbai.
I await Thai Airways response and compensation.

PS : To our surprise , empty seats were available in the first class section, but he refused to upgrade us , due to his racists behaviour.

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