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Avis de revs264 sur le vol Turkish Airlines entre New York Jfk et Istanbul du 09/08/2017 en Economie
revs264 TK / THY JFK / IST
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I don't oftentimes feel comfortable when flying, but had an overall excellent experience with Turkish Airlines. There was a lot of room on the plane, even though we flew economy. They provided us with a small bag that had toothpaste, a toothbrush, lip balm, slippers, socks, an eye mask, and earplugs. They also gave us a menu for food, and it was excellent--we had risotto and salmon. Flight attendants were very kind and always had a smile on.

Technology on the plane was very advanced, and you can track the flight very easily on the GPS. Of course, several planes have this feature, but the one on Turkish was advanced in comparison. Movies and TV shows were all very up-to-date and there were plenty of great choices. It was easy to stay entertained during the flight.

Here is an important point: we usually take shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, etc. in our luggage, and with all of our experience on previous airlines, all the liquid would leak out in the plastic bag in which we had everything placed. We make sure to tape all of our caps to prevent leakage into the plastic bag. It was only with Turkish Airlines that we had absolutely nothing leak out. They obviously handle luggage carefully, which we really appreciated.

On a connecting flight from Turkey to Egypt, everything was also very comfortable. The captain provided us with detailed flight info, spoke very clearly, and also noted to us that there was a host on board who can speak Arabic for those who couldn't speak Turkish (which was our case). Landing and takeoff was very good in both cases for us.

All in all, an excellent airlines, and I would certainly fly with them again.

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Par revs264, à propos de Turkish Airlines, , près de Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, United States
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